I'm Roman. Digital entrepreneur, developer, founder and CEO at Improvy OÜ


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I can help you or your company with infrastructure designmaking remote work effectiveautomationCI/CDmonitoring solutionscost optimizationperformance optimizationtroubleshootingDevOps trainingconsultingcareer advice
NDA (Fintech, Blockchain) Sep 2019 - Present
Head of Infrastructure (Jul 2024 - Present)
Team Lead DevOps (Feb 2022 - Jul 2024)
Senior DevOps Engineer (Aug 2021 - Feb 2022)
DevOps Engineer (Sep 2019 - Aug 2021)

Big blockchain company with strict availability and fault tolerance requirements.

  • Plan the schedule for two teams including duty engineers with 12-24 hours of duties and keep it balanced and burnout-free;
  • Develop custom alerting solution: Google Calendar + Python + Twilio + Telegram + Slack + Zabbix + Grafana. All disaster alerts from Grafana and Zabbix triggering phone calls to the current duty engineer (based on Google Calendar) and sent to Slack and Telegram groups with details about the incident. This made it possible to reduce the response time to an incident by three times.
    Key Responsibilities:
  • Process Optimization: Establishing and continuously refining efficient workflows and processes within the team;
  • Task Allocation: Assigning tasks and responsibilities to team members, considering individual skills and project requirements;
  • Conflict Resolution: Proactively addressing and resolving team conflicts, fostering a positive work environment;
  • Architectural Design: Contributing to the design of robust and scalable project architectures that support high-load and high-availability platforms;
  • Mentorship: Guiding and mentoring new team members, promoting knowledge sharing and professional growth;
  • Infrastructure Management: Installing and configuring servers and software to support high-load and high-availability platforms;
  • Monitoring: Implementing and managing monitoring solutions such as Grafana, Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Zabbix to ensure optimal system performance;
  • Automation: Developing and maintaining Ansible roles for various tasks, including the installation and configuration of Grafana, Alertmanager, and several Prometheus exporters;
  • Networking: Handling network-related tasks and leveraging Cisco technologies to optimize connectivity and performance.
Umbrellio May 2018 - Aug 2019
DevOps Engineer
  • Installation and configuration of servers and software;
  • Monitoring of equipment and services (Grafana + InfluxDB + Prometheus + Telegraf, Nagios);
  • Setting up tools for monitoring;
    • I perform migartion from Nagios and Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegram to Grafana + Prometheus;
  • Optimize performance, troubleshoot problems, eliminate denial of service;
  • Solving problems on security and scalability of systems;
  • Ansible with six different roles for servers configuration;
  • Gitlab CI for deploy nginx and firewall configs;
    • I wrote Gitlab CI pipelines for autorun Ansible playbooks;
  • ELK stack and Graylog
    • I deployed ELK + Graylog and configure it for highload system;
  • PostgreSQL like a master;
  • Nginx like a ninja;
    • I oprimized Nginx for high-availability system and fix some problems with logs in files
  • CentOS like a boss :)
Playkot Aug 2017 - May 2018
Ops Engineer
  • AWS & Terraform;
  • Technical consultation of the company's employees;
  • Making office IT better;
  • Maintenance of game servers;
  • TeamCity, Jira, Confluence, GitLab, etc. - install and configure;
  • PPTP, L2TP servers;
  • Grafana + Prometheus - install and configure.
Selectel Feb 2017 - Aug 2017
System administrator
  • Technical consultation of the company's customers;
  • Linux administration for the company's customers;
  • Juniper and other network equipment administration;
  • Network and infrastructure monitoring.
Selectel Jan 2015 - Oct 2016
Datacenter system engineer
  • Monitoring of servers, network equipment and air-conditioning system (1 server room, 211 racks, ~6000 servers, ~500 units of networking equipment);
  • Switching and laying optical and copper networks;
  • Servers maintenance (Dell, IBM, Supermicro, etc.);
  • In addition to the main work, I made front-end for the corporate time tracker system.
  • I sprinkled my blood on the k-root dns (It's not a joke, I really accidentally cut the finger on the edge of the case and a drop of my blood hit the motherboard (this incident did not affect the server's functionality).

Free time projects

Wireguard metrics to json
GCP uploader proxy
Simple uploader proxy for upload files to the Google Cloud Platform Storage
Ansible role for Wireguard
Simple Ansible role to deploy WireGuard
Ansible role for Nebula
Ansible role to deploy Nebula overlay network

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